Vesta Athens Software Suite

Hello friends. You might be wondering where the support site for the Vesta software has gone. I had to reinstall everything on the server, and didn't feel like setting this site back up, as not many people use it and it was honestly just a resource drain for no reason. If you need help with the software, please contact me on my Discord server, set up for this. I do not hang around RPG Initiative anymore.

Will Vesta Salerno ever be released? Probably someday. I've just got a lot of mental and physical health things going on right now and with trying to figure out how to get a house in this economy, I've had bigger concerns. I wasn't making enough money on Vesta to justify the kind of time-sink it ultimately was, and I wasn't making enough forward progress on it to justify asking for more. It was kind of a problem. I do eventually want to get Salerno out, though, I just can't promise a solid time-table on when that'll be. Likewise, the free hosted version of it that works like Jcink will be available some time after Salerno's release as well, so that's a thing.

In any case, thanks to everyone that still uses it and hopefully someday I'll make a comeback. I have a lot of additional features and fixes that'll make Vesta even better in store for you all. In the meantime, I wish everyone well and Happy Holidays.