In addition to offering licenses to use the Vesta software, we also offer free hosting for those that are not comfortable with self-hosting, or do not have the means to do so. This version is free, unless a user becomes a Patron of the Vesta software, and is ad-supported. The ads may also be removed by becoming a Patron.

At present, the sign-up process is manual. Interested parties must submit a form, and their site will be set up within 36 hours, with log in details emailed to the address provided in the form. At some point in the future, this will become automatic, where once the form is filled in the system automatically creates the site for you.

Pros of Hosting With IP Tech

  1. We run on Google Fiber lines. Our server responds as fast as your internet can send requests.
  2. Back-end and server management is entirely handled for you.
  3. Support and assistance at your fingertips. All of In Metamorphosis is designed to be a place for our hostees to gain assistance and advice for their site.
  4. A free option for those that can't afford their own hosting, or don't want to spend money on a hobby.

Cons of Hosting With IP Tech

  1. Minimal back-end control.
  2. Inability to add new software on other URLs.
  3. Ads cannot be removed without a fee.

Ready? Get started!