Hey friends,

I've had to make the difficult decision to pause sales and distribution of Vesta for the time being. Those of you supporting me on Patreon may cease to do so if you wish, as I have decided that it's better for me in the longer run to take a step back from this project, and focus on other things. It's one of those catch 22s, I'm not making enough money from it to justify focusing on it full time, but I also am not making enough consistent progress on it to justify asking people to pay me for it. ( I will still be taking on new hostees, as that generally doesn't suck up a lot of my time or require a lot of my attention, so if you would like to host your Vesta site with me, message me. )

I may someday in the future pick this project back up and continue forward on it, I know a lot of us were very excited ( myself included! ) to see this project succeed, but my head is just not in the game right now, and I want to release something that's clean, solid code, and not a buggy mess. That means I need to want to do this, so I can do it to the best of my ability, I hope everyone understands.

Thanks so so much for the immense amount of support and interest in Vesta I have seen the last two years. I love you all and I wish you all well in future.

You May:
• Continue to use your currently installed Vestas.
• Continue to install new Vestas for yourself.
• Remain in the In Metamorphosis community sphere and Discord, and ask for help when needed.
You May Not:
• Install new Vestas for anyone other than yourself.
• Redistribute the copy of Vesta you have.
• Use any part of Vesta to create something new.
• Share personal modifications or scripts that are paired with/made for Vesta.