Vesta is developed and maintained by one person, and that one person spends a lot of time working on the project. Users that are interested in Vesta can experiment with and use the system here at In Metamorphosis, and if you would like to use Vesta on your own hosting, you'll need to purchase the system in order to do so.

Purchasing will give you the Donor member group. This stops ads from appearing for you on the support site, and gives you access to special Donor areas as well as the downloads page. Once your purchase is complete, you'll be redirected to another page here that will allow you to download the Vesta software, and install it on your own server.

Vesta best operates with PHP 7.3, Apache 2.4 with mod_rewrite, PDO, and .htaccess overrides enabled, and MariaDB 10.3. If one needs hosting for it, or isn't comfortable self-hosting, see our hosting options. The hosting is ad-supported, with a few choice options disabled, but admins will be able to upgrade to full Vesta with no ads by becoming a Patron.

At present, Vesta copies are $10 USD. Sales tax applies.

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