At In Metamorphosis, we aim to foster a welcoming and warm community, with as few restrictions and requirements as possible. We believe that communities are created through the value of their interactions and the choices of its staff, not through the number of regulations it has. If it doesn't make sense, we don't require it.


  1. Follow the golden rule. If you would be upset at being told something, reword it, or don't say it. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. Remember the human.
  2. Avatars are to be no larger than 250x250. We do not use side-images here but that is a functionality Vesta has.
  3. While this site was of course built for and around the Vesta software, we don't bar other software from being discussed and users asking for assistance for them. Please also refrain from statement of a site's software outside of the Staff Openings board, as we want to encourage users to look at sites regardless of software.
  4. Users may not engage in behaviour or discussions that is illegal, such as discussion of cracked software or warez.
  5. Stay on-topic. Asides are permitted as long as they are not the only thing in a post. If that aside seems to need its own topic, as in takes up several paragraphs, or multiple users comment on it, go ahead and split it into its own topic.
  6. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time for any reason. The sole purpose of the staff team is to maintain the experience of the site, and we will act in its best interests in the event someone is being a problem.
  7. We have a no-tolerance policy for -isms, flaming, bullying, attacking, etc. If political and religious topics cannot be discussed maturely, we will ask they be ceased.
  8. At present, mature content cannot be posted on this site due to the ads that are shown to guests.


* This counts for all the support sections, not just Vesta's.

  1. Keep bugs in the right place, questions in the right place, and feedback in the right place.
  2. Thread titles should be relevant to the question, issue, or topic that is being posted about.
  3. Be as specific as possible with questions and problems that are encountered. This ensures those that assist others can help as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  4. Keep all support topics to one (1) single question, problem, or issue. Do not use the same topic for multiple issues or problems, because it makes finding answers for others that have similar issues difficult. Remember, the more time we spend on questions and issues that have been answered before, the less time we have for helping with new ones.
  5. Keep in mind that everyone that helps on this site are volunteers. Also keep in mind, with Vesta, that it is developed and maintained by one (1) person. Fixes and assistance may be slow.

Link Directory

  1. You must have ten (10) posts before being allowed to list links in the directory.
  2. Linked sites must have our button up on their index in a visible place (not behind tabs or hovers), which leads to our site.
    1. You may apply CSS alterations to it. I don't honestly care.
    2. Rehost it if you want. That's fine.
    3. Do not change the title information.
  3. Sites are denoted 'active' by the lister coming by and marking it still active. This must be done once every 3 months or the site will be deactivated.
  4. Sites that are run on Vesta, or belong to Patrons, will be given extra perks.


  1. Please treat everyone else how you would like them to treat you.
  2. Toxic behaviour, flaming, attacks, overall consistent negativity, insensitivity, and etc will not be tolerated. If someone is making you uncomfortable, please create a ticket in #help-me and let staff know so that it can be dealt with.
  3. It is okay to disagree with each other, or even with staff, but please understand that you don't have to get rude or mean about it. Civilly disagreeing with someone is a lot better in the long run, and shows others that you won't lash out at them.
  4. Everyone does things differently. Please remember that someone doing things differently than you do does not mean they are doing it wrongly. Ask about it. Turn it into a discussion. You might find you like their way better.
  5. If necessary, we can and will manually change nicknames, so please don't use offensive or derogatory nicknames. We will also take away the ability to change nicknames yourself if it becomes a problem.
  6. Cursing is allowed in this server, but please don't overdo it. You'll know when it's too much.
  7. No spamming. Do not DM anyone in this server without permission from them, or being asked to. That includes the staff.
  8. Do not DM, tag, or ping the developers. I, and anyone else I happen to get to help me, are very busy. If you reply to a message from a developer, please disable the mention, else it will simply be ignored and or deleted. Repeatedly ignoring this may end in a ban.