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Installing Gaia

First up, the installer is generally fairly straight-forward, but if you're interested in how the installation process will go, and haven't yet had a chance to take a look at the installer yourself, that's what this short guide is for. When you first download Gaia, it will be in a zipped archive containing all the files you'll need. Simply upload it where you want it, and extract.

Now, the installer script itself and its accompany CSS file are in the folder called "installer." You'll need to move (or copy) these two files to the root of the directory, where the index.php file is.

I will warn you now, if you get a lot of traffic on the URL that you're using for Gaia, you may want to first install it to a different URL and then move it. More on that later.

Once the install.php and install.css file are moved, access install.php in your browser. It will run through a couple set up checks to ensure it stores the right URLs and paths, and that your server environment is suitable for running the Gaia software suite. Just follow the prompts. You will need to create a database, user, and password for it to use, as it has zero access permissions for your database system without them, and cannot create the database automatically.

Once the messiest mess is made, and your admin account has been created, you can visit your new Gaia site! The install.php and install.css files will delete themselves automatically the first time your site is visited and Gaia has gone through its maiden boot.

Installing and Moving

Now, because Gaia will automatically delete the install.php and install.css files for you upon first visit, you can seriously bork your install if a bot hits the site's regular URL while you're installing. So, if the URL you're using already gets traffic, it's recommended to install it to a different URL, and then move it. This requires some manual editing of a few files, namely, two .htaccess files and the settings.php config file.

Once installed, move the files where you want them, and open the .htaccess file in the root directory (where index.php is). You'll find a RewriteBase directive. Change this to suit the URL pattern you're now using. If you're on, for instance, and installed to, you'll need to change RewriteBase to just / - likewise, the .htaccess in the /admin folder will read /gaia/admin, you'll need this to read just /admin. Finally, adjust the URL and directory setting in /application/config/settings.php so your site links operate as expected.

Ta da, you're ready to rock!

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