What's your favorite thing about Gaia?

Started by dragonborn at Apr 06, 2019 at 5:57 pm
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That which does not kill me, had better run; because now I'm pissed.

honestly, after setting up my site on it, i think my favorite part of gaia is how smooth it runs, and how clear navigation is. its like even if youre not expecting sthn to be somewhere, it makes sense when you think about where it actually is. its pretty neat.

how about you? what's your favorite part of gaia?

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I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel.

Watching you have a fight with the RSS feeds xDDD

More seriously, this is one of the easiest softwares to customise and set up that I've ever used, and it can only get better from here.




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So far my favorite thing about gaia is how easy set up was on the tester sites. Assisting in one of those set ups was literally the first time I've seen more than vague screencaps of the ACP and it still went smooth as silk. 

(There's also, like, incredibly little that I can imagine wanting that isn't already on the list of features to come so that's uh. Impressive.)


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Someone dreamed a dream last night and dreamed us all alive.

Where to begin?

In the beginning, there were forums, then Nova, and now Gaia!

I was a die-hard Nova user and still love many of its features. It's main failings, IMHO, was the ability to organize the stories and lack of a way to promote a community feel. It's main plusses were its character manager system and easy to use posting system that allowed joint posting.

On the backend, Nova was rather cumbersome when it came to customizing anything.

Gaia appears to be incorporating the best of both worlds: forums and Nova.

I'm still only running it as a test site. However, my top favorite features are the IC features. Next is everything on the feature lists! LOL

I can guarantee that one of my members' top favorite features will be the WYSIWYG editor. I am totally looking forward to the finished product!




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Okay, I might be a bit biased, but, I think my personal favourite part of Gaia is, hands down, the posting system.

And you're like omg Arc it's basically the same as any other po - no you don't understand, the way this is set up, not only is there already a built-in function for adding new things to the new topic screen, you can go in there and add new junk on the fly easy as, because it doesn't run your posts through a thousand and thirteen security checks.

Now you're like, isn't that bad??? No, not really. A thousand and thirteen security checks and four PHP functions to put some shit into the database is a little overkill. Erebos strips HTML tags that are pottentially dangerous, Metis abstracts SQL queries to prevent injection and basically, your Gaia install is about as safe as anything on the internet ever is, and I did it without having to run it through a thousand and thirteen security checks and four PHP functions.

So there.

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Definitely the character management. 100% my selling point.


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I agree with the character management for sure, I don't want to go back to gluing accounts together--EVER AGAIN. But also the auto tracking. It's just one less thing for me to have to remember to do, instead of logging into a character and bookmarking a thread to add it to their tracker, voila! The character posts in the thread and it's automatically added. :D

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Revisiting this thread after a lot of time using Vesta -

To be honest, autotracking in general. Autothread tracks for characters, auto faceclaim and other lists. Its just. its wonderful. As a member no need to post somewhere for claims, as an admin, its all handled right there for you.