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Started by Lenara at Dec 31, 2020 at 6:17 pm
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Potential Features for Future Versions

These are features or functions that are being considered, or planned on, for a future version of Vesta, rather than on-release. I will be working to keep this up to date.

  1. The Battle Suite.
    1. This is the neat-o automated battler that allows an easy-to-maintain and use combat system.
  2. [@] Mention fancy search as you type.
  3. Award system.
  4. Easy-pants theme system with no commas or apostrophes.
  5. Drag and drop blocks where you want them on the front-end, move 'em around, junk like that.
    1. Maybe  drag and drop layout editing, with any luck the "easy" mode for Gaia's theme system will be pick up a fockin' thing and move it, there you go.
  6. PM auto-responders.
  7. Denote a board should only display topics that the viewing user has either:
    1. Created, or replied to;
    2. Been [@] mentioned in;
  8. Canon List - tickbox in character info for if a character is canon or not
  9. Ability to un-approve characters
  10. Character Retirement
    1. This would move characters into a separate tab and take them out of the posting list
  11. Sharable NPCs 
    1. so that there are options other than "everyone can play any NPC" or "no one can play an NPC other than the creator"
  12. Predefined Topic Fields
    1. This thread. This may already be partially done what with date and tagging. Popped it here anyway just in case.
  13. Next Topic or Next Unread thread button
    1. This thread.
  14. Theme system expansions so you can edit variants and also wanna try and get the easy mode vs advanced mode theme editing to work.
  15. Delete from the file manager:this thread
    1. Also All the delete functions need to ask if a user is sure before deleting anything.
  16. set HttpOnly cookies to prevent iframes being able to read them via document.cookie
  17. charset options for the database for the installer and junk
  18. pages should emit a meta charset tag or other header to indicate they are UTF-8
  19. Reaction list collapsing to be hidden
  20. Journals
  21. Allow All Users to Add in Pms? Method provided here
  22. Unreplied to Threads list
  23. ability for admins to forcibly switch everyone on the site to a specific theme.
  24. automatically install a theme through uploading a .zip.
  25. Alter how sessions are stored, so that remembered users don't have session time-outs all the time. 
  26. Mature threads need to be filtered from the timeline.
  27. Disable the show mature content switch from even displaying at all if the birthdate isn't filled in correctly and the user isn't above 18 anyway.
  28. The timeline also needs to be expanded to take up the entire space on mobile.
  29. Custom Databases and custom topic fields 
  30. Add in the inactive group and adjust the member list and board stats to account for inactive numbers and automatically omit them.
  31. Affiliate applications should send out alerts to staff members.
  32. Change the group, alliance, and department colours to prefix and suffix.
  33. Add in a checkmark field that is either true or false for bio fields.
  34. Last posted information for characters will have to be pulled separately from the rest of the list.
  35. Add a switch that makes the last edit bump posts and repost to Discord stop functioning.
  36. Add a switch that hides certain character groups from the character listing.
  37. Translate time-zone names into GMT/UTC and local time indicators.
  38. Comma format large numbers
  39. Joint posting edit lock release (admin or mod can manually release it.) Maybe also an auto release after a certain time out.
  40. File upload sections should display upload size requirement (such as avatars and side images)