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The News System

Gaia has a built-in handler for news and site updates. These items can be displayed easily in a sidebar block, or a link to the news section (yoursi.te/news) added to the menu through the menu manager. Most of this is quite simple to understand, but for those that aren't sure about it, we'll go over how the news system works and what fields are for what, so that you can better make use of the system.

Firstly, if you have a short update to send your players, you can simply use the "Send Custom Alert" option in the admin panel. This allows you to send everyone on the site an alert that says whatever you input for the alert body. It will attach the user avatar of whichever user sends it, in Alpha 9; in later versions, it will use the site icon, instead, so that it looks like a generalised system message/staff message.

Now, in the news section of the admin panel, you'll find the create button. Click this to post a new item. The title should be fairly explanatory. Now there are two different editor instances here. The first is the item summary. This is what shows under the news item in the news block, as well as on the general news listing, with the content being what is shown in the full news page, when someone clicks into the news item's link. This separation was deemed necessary, to allow for more control over what the shorter summaries say, so that the system doesn't truncate at a point where it makes the summary essentially not say anything of importance. In the initial design for the announcement system, it would cut off after the first 250 characters of a news post, and use that as the short version, but it occurred to me, even I sometimes don't get to the point in 250 characters.

News items cannot be posted to. As such, if you have need of an ability for users to add comments or ask questions, you may need a forum dedicated to clarification questions/commentary re: your site updates, or to simply outright use the forum for your news items, and hope everyone subscribes to the forum to get updates from it.

The news block will show the last 10 most recent news postings, with a link and the summary of the item, and a link at the bottom to the full announcements section with page numbers they can browse through.

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