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Started by Lenara at Apr 11, 2021 at 12:52 pm
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Are there any sites you've participated that really stuck with you? Either because of the way they finished or because they didn't finish and you always wondered how they might go? Plots that impacted the way you view the fandom they came from (if you're into fandom stuff)?

You don't necessarily need to mention the site by name, but this is a place to share!

For me there is I'm going to mention (at least for now, I may come back with others later in the thread haha, because there are a Lot of sites I've been on over the years and many of them have special places in my heart for various reasons)

One was an ATLA board, I'm going to leave the name out, but it was based around an alternate pathway from season two where Zuko chose the avatar instead of his sister and the site died pretty early, and I've never found another one that followed the path. And it's always stuck with me as a what might have been, because it made me really curious, and it was one of the sharpest AUs I'd ever seen due to just how much weight rested on that choice. I was young, and not super deep in fanfiction at the time so it kind of helped open up a whole world of ideas.


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In recent years, I had one single favorable experience with joining an outside board where I didn’t know anybody from the start. That site was Energy and it’s a pokemon site. It’s still around so if you like RL and pokemon, give it a shot! The admin is probably one of the best admins I have ever met. Never felt judged, never felt used, never felt unwanted. Quality site with a clean skin and no app process. Easy to get into. Hard to find these days. 

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