Lessons Learned Staffing!

Started by Lenara at Apr 11, 2021 at 12:57 pm
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What have you learned over the years from staffing on RP sites? 

I've learned a good deal over the years, I think, but I'm going to start with these:

I learned that without a doubt if you don't draw clear boundaries people will walk over them, no matter how common sense you think your boundaries are.

Good players are not always good staff members, because the qualities for each are actually rather different, and also sometimes people just seem to let it go to their heads even though staffing on an rp is... not... actually like all that much power.





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They don't think that I listen, oh but I know who they are.

Ditto on the good players =/= good staffers.

Spending too long considering what people will think about x or how it'll affect join rates or whatever is a good way to kill your site unintentionally.

No matter how close you think you are with your players, there's always something going on you can't see.

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