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Started by Arceus at Apr 11, 2021 at 2:29 pm
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I got to thinking about this earlier because, I tend to use basically the same set of rules on every site I make, with some alterations and additions as applicable for the site.

So do you use the same ones across sites too? Which rules do you frequently go back to and why?

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Good question. 

honestly I don’t copy and paste my rules for any site even though they might be much the same. I’m not sure why?

but I do feel like my rules are less rules and more like 

“so this is the setup, there’s a link here for extra information on our premise, and this is how you use the site.” Just like any boxed game with an instructional manual, you know? 

I make an effort to answer all the usual questions a new player might have, like is there a word count, activity expectations, rating, etc. 

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My friend had a rule on her site back in the day which was essentially, everything's ok, but if you're only interested in violence or sex, this isn't the place for you. It's just to ward off the people who only want to write characters that shit all over yours, or who are only interested in writing smut threads or things that lead to smut.

To be clear, both are utterly fine and there's nothing inherently wrong with them! It's just about attracting people who write that and other things and that those other things are just as fun for them.

Since I've employed that rule, I've never had a problem with obsessively violent or sexual writers.

All of my other rules tend to be the usual sorts about setting up expectations for each other and a 'do not discriminate' spiel, so nothing special!