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Just because you lost me as a friend, doesn't mean you gained me as an enemy. I'm bigger than that. I still want to see you eat, just not at my table.

We have a bunch more wanteds on Messiah, but these are the big premades we need!

House Cassimer, 40s-50s, Dalmascan Hume, Warlord, Wife of Marcus Cassimer, mother of Lucius Cassimer, adoptive mother of Damian Cassimer.
She married Marcus as it was a convenient arrangement, but they never quite agreed on anything. She had the most say raising Lucius and later Damian, and as Lucius has now taken over the house, her assistance is greatly needed.
Potential Plots: General bonding with her sons; House Cassimer will be leaving Dalmasca soon and helping found a new Free City; potentially finding actual love at some point.

House Essair, 40s, Ocean Primal Mage, Dalmascan, Warlord, Mother of the Essair triplets (third is unplayed) and Cyprian, older sister of Visarion.
Her mother used her as a diplomacy tool, first marrying her to Aemilius Kenleigh, then Vopiscus Essair. She had children with both, but Vopiscus chased her off and she's been missing for seven years. She's recently returned to House Essair.
Potential Plots: Getting to know her sons again, all four are in the same place; learning to properly control her magic; helping found a Free City; making varying friends and finding romance maybe; bonding with her brother.

House Essair, 40s-50s, Earth Primal Ilim, Galacese, Commoner (Freedwoman)
The house healer of Essair, she is almost everyone's mom. In the absence of their mother, she raised the Essair triplets from the time they were six, and started teaching them to control their magic, which they gained early. She's always known Kassandros is a guardian.
Potential Plots: There are an array of healers on-site that could use to learn from a senior healer; she is one of the most influential members of House Essair outside the triplets; there are also a number of earth mages on-site that could use a teacher, as I recall she has one such student already in Xiaodan Tachibana; helping found a Free City, varying relationships.

House Tachibana, 40s, Hume, Gibraltarian, raised in Macenia, Slave, Nikias is her father, Aquillius is her younger brother, Cyprian is her adoptive son, Nero, Arion, and Andreas are her biological sons, Axelius is her cousin.
She barely remembers the kingdom across the sea she was born to, and was captured from Macenia and enslaved young, alongside her brother. They were separated. She later gained a master that decided to proclaim her his wife, and this gave her power, which she used to protect her sons. Unfortunately, it was her downfall, and when House Kenleigh fell she was executed for impersonating nobility, but by some miracle survived. She's now in House Tachibana's care, but is with House Essair and reunited with her sons and lover Alasdair.
Potential Plots: Literally all of her kids are played, and her brother, father, and cousin, so she has a huge array of family ties; there's some inherent romance implied between her and Alasdair but that's not a requirement and they may drift apart later if the characters don't click so don't feel pressured; helping found a Free City; at the moment she's under care of House Tachibana, which is sheltering in House Essair where her kids are, and House Essair is the largest house on the site, loads of relationships to be had.

House Yrdyn, 20s, Ilim, Mage (open primal), Galacese, Royalty
The prince of Galace, he seeks to end the war with Dalmasca and Jihon as quickly and easily as possible, for there are now bigger problems to be concerned with. He is currently staying with House Teresi, offering knowledge of how to forge Galacese blades in exchange for assistance speaking with the major houses. The Galacese crowns-guard did follow him.
Potential Plots: He'd basically represent all of Galace right now; currently making friends with powerful houses in Dalmasca, but may redirect to working with the Free Cities to stop Dalmascan expansion and force them and Jihon into decline instead. Mostly this one's political.

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