Creating New Cultures

Started by Kit at Apr 14, 2021 at 12:49 am
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When you are looking to join a site with completely original lore, what sorts of things do you like/expect to see when discussing a place's culture?


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I’m not good at this! But what I really adore seeing in full new fantasy is interesting slang words that make sense with and fit the lore.

There was one site I saw many years back that had a full bestiary and flora manual with custom artwork. It was GORGEOUS. 

But my absolute favorite is when magic or powers are done in a new and exciting way. So take the lore of The Paper Magician. I borrowed it for a site of mine a long time ago because I loved the idea so much. The books, not so much. The idea though. It was so fun! So basically people could use magic on like materials. Like there was metal and paper and rubber. That kind of thing. And there was also people! Some people could move people like blood bending in ATLA! Such a cool way to do magic. It still sticks with me. 

Mage classes are my go to in tabletop settings and mages are my favorite class. I love magic so much. So a new or different take on magic always draws me in.  

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