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Started by Arceus at Apr 15, 2021 at 4:03 pm
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They don't think that I listen, oh but I know who they are.

So those of us that are gamers have probably played a game at some point and had something really stupid, really interesting, or really wild happen to us or our character. This topic's for those stories. Tell us!

The wildest I've got is the one time I was playing The Sims (I think it was 3?) and I killed so many Sims making a graveyard that the game gently reminded me it's a life simulation game.

I also had (also in 3) a Sim family with a mom, dad, and a toddler, made in CAS. The mom drowned in the pool, and the dad proceeded to completely quit life. Like, he wouldn't even look after his son, he ended up losing his son to the social worker. I am now super careful with my Sims so they don't randomly die.

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So, I was playing ts3 and I'd cheated some dig spots onto a lot bc... reasons. And my sim was just casually digging. And I got a notification about the sky getting dark. And I... like I didn't know what it meant? And I didn't pay it any mind. Just kept digging.

Well a short while later, all of a sudden a meter fell and crushed my sim, killing her instantly. I was left stunned for several moments because I didn't know that was a Thing tbh.