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Started by Arceus at Apr 17, 2021 at 9:57 pm
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Just because you lost me as a friend, doesn't mean you gained me as an enemy. I'm bigger than that. I still want to see you eat, just not at my table.

For those of us that've been RPing for any length of time, we rack up quite a number of memories! Good threads and good character matchups stick with us for years, so this thread is for sharing all those really neat ones. What are your favourite, most memorable RP moments?

Uhhh. It was emotional as heck and I remember it being the first thread that threatened to make me cry, lol, one of my characters decided to try literally drinking himself to death. Said character's spouse did not like that plan. Along similar lines, I had another one do something very similar on a different board, just with a couple bottles of Stolichnaya and the London Bridge.

I also remember one of my dorks' wedding to very first lover person. Like ever in the history of the character. lol Idiot almost died because self-care, what is self-care, and nearly bled to death. Sigh. New spouse was not happy. Neither was the sibling.

Dorky dragon helps save dorky necromancer from insanity and then bonds to the guy. That was fun.

The very first time one of my characters managed to tell someone the whole story of his life. Oh man. That post was 3,336 words long, and it hurt.

So yeah! Ya'll's turn!

Honey you can't dilute a war crime.

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Hmm favorite... memorable RP moments. I'm going to try not to repeat (bc Arc has a few listed that I... was part of lol)

* One of my early RPs one of my characters had been kidnapped and tortured and it had gone on for so long that said character really didn't think anyone was coming for them. But they did, and that moment of realization and relief was really interesting to write even tho there was a lot that at that age I was bad at conceptualizing in the recovery process.

* I used to RP a lot of ATLA, and I was playing Ursa and seriously every time I've successfully gotten an Ursa reunited with either of her children is always incredibly heartstring pull-y. Uh, but the time she took a bolt of lightning from Azula to her chest bc she didn't want Azula to hit zuko may have been the most so bc she was trying SO Hard to talk Azula down and she failed. 

* Another time I had a kidnapped character, and his bonded had died, along with his mom and Her bonded iirc. And he had been injured badly enough he wasn't speaking anymore, etc. And like. His husband and some friends (...friends? Gods? ykw, yeah) staged a break out. And his husband IMMEDIATELY bonded to him, explicitly bc he wanted to hear dude's voice, with no regard for how much pain that was going to put him in bc of what had happened. And it was just. Honestly cute? sadcute, but cute.

* Took up a dropped character, it was another character's son. He'd never met his dad bc his mom spun up this idea that aforementioned dad was a Terrible person. Their first meeting was honestly a ton of fun and sometimes I wish I could recreate that feeling. There are a lot of rp feels I wish I could recreate properly. 

Uhhh. there are like. A Lot More but I'm going to leave it here for now. 


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So a looooong time ago on my Fire Emblem forum, I had an OC that was suffering from severe PTSD after being a prisoner of war. He was practically mute, didn't like to be touched, loud noises startled him, and he refused to go anywhere that didn't have an immediate form of escape for him. I adored this character and poured a lot of love and interest in him, he was one of my main characters.

Anyway, so another member liked him and offered to play his best friend, whom he hadn't seen since the war and had assumed was dead. I was pretty excited for this and... the player really dropped the ball. Their character was not empathetic and was way too... hard on him, like super pushy and heavy-handed and I was really struggling because I liked the player but the character was all wrong.

So another player had a character that was loosely connected (basically, she was in the same area LOL) and she met my character and they just effortlessly hit it off. Her character was also a warrior and part of the war, she was a wyvern rider and she sort of became closer to my character through the wyvern. She was such an amazing character.

I really miss that player so bad. I'm still friends with her but she doesn't RP anymore. But their storyline was one of my absolute favorites.

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