The Shadows

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In the world of Moribund, two worlds have been violently merged into one.

San Francisco was pulled into a mysterious realm and magically sealed off, preventing escape by both humans and the otherworldly monsters trapped inside by the merger. These demons assumed the form of data monsters and wreaked havoc in the city, killing thousands and forcing the survivors to band together into tribes in order to survive. One day, a mysterious app called Summoner appeared in everyone's phones. Through the Summoner app, humans were able to capture demons and use them to fight back against the beasts that sought to kill them.

...that is the humans' version of what happened.

The balance of the Outworld--the realm of so-called demons--was severely disrupted by the emergence of San Francisco. Two factions had been warring for centuries for possession of the realm and now entities wielding magic from the beginning of time were thrown together regardless of loyalty or faction. Forcing 'demons' to work together or be slain by the alien invaders wielding phones, a small demon group formed that called themselves The Shadows, seeking to actively hunt down summoners and destroy them.

This ad is looking for members of that group of summoner hunters! We have 4 established characters on-site, and are looking for others to join their ranks. Although they take the form of humans in order to remain discreet, their true forms must be mythological creatures. Current members include:

Cato, the leader, a shadow demon prince.
Rajali, the gunsmith, a luck dragon.
Lieke, the healer and demolitions expert, a phoenix.
Minos, the meat shield, a minotaur.
And Milo the kitten mascot, a baby demon with telepathic abilities.

Some suggested roles:

The thief - Sly, slick, that roguish scamp you love to hate! Has sticky fingers and probably is a hoarder of all things shiny and pretty.
The magician - A mysterious figure (or perhaps just acting mysterious?) wielding arcane magic, who comes and goes as they please.

Faces, roles within the group and histories are all up to you--all we want are some amazing people to play out this ragtag group of demon heroes with us!

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