What games are you playing?

Started by Zozma at May 04, 2021 at 7:04 pm
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So what video games have you been playing lately? Currently, I've been playing two mobile games, one is called Time Princess and it's a totally girly dress up game (with some fun stories though!) and Disgaea for mobile.

On my Switch, I've been playing some Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove, and the remastered SaGa Frontier! Asellus' story was always my favorite but now they've expanded it and I'm so YEEEE about it! I guess it's kinda obvious that SaGa Frontier had a huge impact on me as a gamer because my first few pets were named after characters from the game (notably, Zozma... whose name I still use as my own username and have for so long that if people call me Zozma IRL, I answer to it as naturally as my RL name. Haha!)

How about you guys?

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They don't think that I listen, oh but I know who they are.

At the moment, I've gone back to The Sims 4. Why, idk. Probably because Ezio, smdh.

Other than that, I drop in on Viridi from time to time, Merge Dragons, and a Mahjong game. And um. Liquid Sorting puzzles, idk. I was playing through Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, and uhhh, Mini Ninjas, but I got distracted and didn't end up going back tbh. I will eventually bc I wanted to beat FF12 finally. One of my exes, I bought him the collector edition of FF12 when it first released in the US, and he took it with him when he moved out and I was pissed because I was actually playing that fucking game. xD So I immediately snatched up the remaster. Bonus points, it released on Steam. Heck yeah.

(This was the guy and the game that was like "Idk how to handle this license board lol I just pick whatever," and I went, "I make classes out of it, and specialise everyone in specific things," and he just stared at me like I'd given him the secret to the universe or something.)

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Rn I'm mostly playing a couple of little idle games (most notably is Kitten's game which is totally text based and its. I can't explain why it's a Thing I enjoy but here we are). There are a few other idle games I play occasionally. And I do get onto a mobile game called Final Fantasy Record keeper occasionally.

... have the urge to play ffxv again but I should probably not given how deeply its already back in my head. lol