Varying Family and Lovers

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I have several different wanteds, all for different characters, so this'll be a big list!


Axel Vasilyev has an older brother. Preferably this character's PB would be Chris Hemsworth. This character half-raised Axel in their father's place after their mother died, and then joined Bratva, and removed the two of them from their father's house. Later, they immigrated to the United States and have been there since. This character eventually got out of Bratva and joined instead the Drago di Napoli.
Male ♦ ~126 ♦ Vampire ♦ Bloodborn Witch (Strong) ♦ Drago di Napoli ♦ Chris Hemsworth

Vivian Williams, who was born as Jordyn White, as a slightly displaced daughter. The girl was born when Jordyn was sixteen, and unfortunately Jordyn couldn't unite her with her father and had to put her up for adoption, as she was very seriously ill with cancer. Jordyn died two years later, but became a lightborn and was given her daughter as her focus. The girl's a necromancer, like her father, as well as a bloodborn witch, and is having notable trouble with her magic. As her adoptive parents aren't taking it well, she started to suppress her necromancy and has a constant migraine from blocking ghosts out. Vivian managed to pull strings and get the girl's adopted parents to move to Pinecrest, so she's also new here and doesn't know anyone. (Incidentally, her mother's cousin's son, Adrian, is here.) Vivian hopes to eventually unite her with her father, Caderyn, who can teach her to control her necromancy.
Female ♦ 15 ♦ Bloodborn Witch (Weak) ♦ Necromancer ♦ High School Student ♦ Open PB but must look believably mixed white/black.

Lucretia Jaeger's older sister has stayed in contact with her around their mother being a troublesome mess. Now that Lucretia's living on her own, the two sisters could reforge their bond with each other and become close. Lucretia is one of the only crafter witches, able to generate her own mage fire, so her sister is likely also a witch and could assist in teaching her sister to control her mage fire. But it could also be just as interesting if her sister either wasn't a witch, or didn't want to be and was trying to go back to living a normal, magic- and stress-free life.
Female ♦ Older than 23 ♦ Potentially a Bloodborn Witch (Strong) ♦ Undecided Career ♦ Open PB, thought I might suggest Halsey.

After their mother started trying to control his choices for his son, Rowan McKenna's older brother left and the two haven't seen one another since. Now, that was back in Billings, Montana, so it'd be rather uncannily coincidental if her brother happened to also be here, but hey, this is roleplay, why not. I'd like to see them reunited with one another. He should have a son, just one for sure, who would be probably around eight by now. Rowan is herself also expecting a child, their mother threw her out of the house for it.
Male ♦ Probably in his 20s or 30s ♦ Human, though I could swing him being a witch if that's desired ♦ Undecided Career ♦ Open PB

Likewise, Rowan and her older brother were separated from their father very young. He walked away from their mother and due to that thing where the courts tend to favour the mother for custody over the father, he lost the custody battle and unfortunately couldn't handle dealing with her to see his kids. But, both are away from her now. It'd make sense to me if the older brother had already reached out to and found the father, and now it's just reuniting with Rowan. They haven't seen each other in a very long time, so he could be just about anybody.
Male ♦ Likely 40s or 50s ♦ Human, could handle a witch though ♦ Undecided Career ♦ Open PB

When Brandon Soriano started playing with his gender presentation, his parents sort of flipped out and were like, "Dress right or get out." He left. But, he had siblings, and these siblings may have eventually decided their parents were wrong, or maybe they're also on the LGBT+ spectrum and could use his advice and assistance. Brandon and the Casa di Colori are definitely here! I'd just like to see maybe not all of his family members hate him, and get some sibling-y things going. Or, heck maybe even one or the other of his parents eventually regrets their choice from back then and tries to reconnect with him.
All open~

Also for Brandon, after his parents disowned him, he stayed on the street for a bit and then was adopted by a vampire. He happens to run the coven whose territory Brandon was in, and through that adoptive vampire dad, Brandon met the Essairs and gained the funding to found and build the Casa di Colori. His adoptive father mostly leaves him to his own devices, but pays a lot of attention to the Casa and protects it. There are all kinds of crazy things going in and out of the Casa, so it's totally fair. In the meantime, he does run a coven and works with Kassander Essair and the Drago a fair amount.
Male ♦ 100+ ♦ Vampire ♦ Undecided Career ♦ Open PB

Though she isn't sure where she comes from, Kaylie Vo had a family once. This family could have any number of reasons for not being around anymore, so there are a lot of directions we can go with this. For instance, maybe her mother died when she was young, that mother could now be a lightborn. Or perhaps her father couldn't find her soon enough and is still looking for her. Maybe her golden blood made someone steal her but then Mr. Vo chased them off and saved her. Oh, Mr. Vo could even be a lightborn now. So yeah there are options! If any of these sound interesting I'd love to go with any of them, several maybe. I just want some connections for Kaylie, she's alone.
All open~


Kassander Essair and Sandalio Essair have another husband, making them a fully functional polyamorous triad. They're also legally married in Sweden. Lol much like Sandalio, this one would've been with Kassander for a long time, as he is also one of Kassander's former slaves, and the poly triad's centrepoint is definitely Kassander. Of course, Sandalio and this one love each other too, but wouldn't have ever thought about each other if it weren't for Kassander anyway, and both loved him first. In any case, this one also did not survive the Third Servile War, though he was not a warrior originally he learnt to be one, and fell in battle like most. Except he vampired, and also ended up a lightborn. How the heck the Light managed that he doesn't know. He is now one of the lightborn warlords, and has been missing for 12 years. The Light wanted to talk to him. He may also eventually start figuring out, or already know, that Kassander Is the Light.
Male ♦ ~2100 ♦ He's supposed to be Persian but eh ♦ Vampire ♦ Lightborn ♦ Psychologist ♦ Open PB

This character also has a twin brother in Soren Casey, and has an adoptive father in Kassander Essair. He was a lightborn commander that was ambushed by shadowborn. While he survived, it was barely, and he was well on his way to dying to lightborn poison anyway. Kassander found him, and purposely turned him into a vampire to save his life. Since then, he's had some issues with his self-identity, trying to reconcile the him that is a lightborn and the him that is vampire (he believes the two are incompatible but they are not), and became friends with one of Kassander's other adopted children, this being Drake Dussault, and through him, Ezio Sternheim. The three of them have been friends for a long time, decades by now, and this character would never admit it, but he might have feelings for both. In any case, he went through medical school and became a paramedic, and now shares an apartment with his brother Soren. Soren has a focus. This character does too, though he's not sure who it is (I always figure it's Soren).
Male ♦ ~1-200? ♦ Lightborn ♦ Vampire ♦ Paramedic ♦ Kellan Lutz

Kaspian Sorrenson met and befriended a fellow male figure skater from Canada. The two became fast friends, and eventually started dating for a while, and their chemistry was unbelievable. They just got each other. Unfortunately the distance between them was too great, and Kaspian decided it was probably better if they separated. So they broke up on amicable terms and went back to being friends. But this character never got over Kaspian, and Kaspian never got over him either. Kaspian's dated since then, maybe this character has too, and all of their relationships just don't work out. And maybe there's a reason why...
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